When was the last time you took a look at the Mountain?

It had been there long before we came. It will stay there long after we are gone. As long as we are here and we can find it in a glance, however, we will be deeply connected. It will remind us who we are and where we are. Because it gives us that urban sense of breathing space. It gives us the ambition to go to the top or at least to try and spread our wings. It is our light and freedom energy source.

If we want to have light and freedom in the City of the people tomorrow, the Mountain must not be hidden behind high towers. This is why we built your home where you can feel its power. Where you can see how life thrives into a more sharing, more appreciating and more sustainable community. Without even leaving the city.

Take a look at the Mountain.

Welcome to GORA.

“I want to live here, this is my place, they have thought about everything.”

GORA is an escape from the noise, but not from the city. The complex is situated by a small river in the southern part of Sofia, bordering on Lozenetz and Hladilnika areas. The location is more than just com-municative – there are big sports and business centres nearby, as well as two
hospitals – Ticha and Acibadem. It is a couple of minutes’ walk to one of the most popular
shopping malls in the capital – Paradise.

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GORA is a residential property complex to be built on an area of 13,000 square meters with 10,000 square meters being landscaped and then utilised as a park for the future home owners.

The residential facility buildings are four, in staggered position, hosting only 62 residential property units, vertically stepped so that each one can have a panoramic view to Vitosha.

To resident’s comfort, the car parking is fully executed in underground garage cells and parking spots for a total of 113 vehicles.

We designed GORA to offer a secure and relaxed environment with plenty of greenery and shared social life spaces with much attention being paid to detail.

“This is where I want to live, this is my place, they have thought about everything.”

General information


We are happy to announce that our project already received our building permission numbered 291/02.11.2018.